274. “Can you borrow me a dollar?”

The episode:Money Talks,” the first of two shorts before “The Beast of Yucca Flats,” ep. 621

The riff: Asked by Mike as the spirit (more like the shadow) of Benjamin Franklin appears and says “William? William, my boy…

The explanation: In the upper Midwest, the phrase “borrow” as a different colloquial meaning for whatever reason, being used in situations where the rest of the country would say “lend.” I’m not sure why it’s centered around this area, but it stands to reason that all of the lakes in Minneapolis have a way of making their nearby residents deranged in the ways of the English language.

Novelty factor: I’m not even sure why I know this, but I did. I know I’ve heard it before, but I’m not really sure where. I’m sure it would be confusing to someone outside the Midwest, though.

137. “Even having a huge Mallomar doesn’t help!”

The episode: “Money Talks!”, the first of TWO shorts before “The Beast of Yucca Flats,” ep. 621

The riff: Spoken in a sad-sack voice by Crow as the short’s title character complains within his own mind about his poor money management.

The explanation: They’re talking about the object on his desk, which I think is a large, bell-shaped inkwell. Mallomars are a regionally popular dessert cookie that consists of puffed marshmallow, a graham cracker bottom and chocolate outer coating. They are especially popular in the New York area, where the vast majority are consumed–but only during the winter, because Mallomars are seasonal for whatever reason. This has led to a certain cult of personality around them, as the true Mallomar devotees buy up enough of them in the winter to last them until next year. Of course, the rub is that they never make it to the next year because they all drop dead from eating Mallomars all day.

Novelty factor: I’ve heard the term “Mallomars” on a few occasions and was aware they were some kind of dessert, but I never knew the details of their actual composition. Judging from my distaste for marshmallow Peeps, it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would tempt me. Enjoy this informative documentary on Mallomars.