Final Statistics for MST3k Riff-a-Day

I thought it might be interesting to offer some year-end statistics that WordPress gathered in the keeping of this blog. Throughout the project I managed to do at least one riff from every episode and at least one riff from every short. Thanks again to everyone who read each day.

Total pageviews: A humble 25,017

Most views in a day: 796, one of the days I was pimping the blog on the MST3k subreddit.

Total WordPress followers (who get email updates): 84

Total comments: 450 on the nose.

Most viewed riffs: 

1. “What’s the word? Thunderbird! What’s the price? Forty twice!

2. “This is no time for zymurgy!

3. “This is like the time I hit the reporter with Piltdown Man’s thighbone.”

Top riff categories:

1. Movies, with 60

2. Music, with 59

3. TV, with 55

4. Consumer goods, with 51

5. Actors, with 37

Most riffed episodes (the ones I did most):

1. “The Unearthly,” “Jack Frost,” “The Brute Man” and “The Beast of Yucca Flats” are all tied with five riffs.

2. “Radar Secret Service,” “The Sinister Urge,” “The Killer Shrews,” “The Painted Hills,” “I Accuse my Parents” and “Crash of the Moons” all have four riffs.

4 thoughts on “Final Statistics for MST3k Riff-a-Day

  1. I’m sorry I only discovered your site today!! I was watching Unearthly and was looking up the old Thunderbird jingle (I couldn’t remember the whole thing from my misspent youth lol) and ran across your site. Fantastic!! Had me laughing from beginning to end! Thank you!!

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