359. “Red Grooms’ Dracula”

The episode:The Final Sacrifice,” ep. 910

The riff: Credited by Servo as the camera quickly cuts a demonic, fanged carving that is oddly colored and lumpy. It kind of looks like bad papier mache.

The explanation: Red Grooms is an American multimedia artist and painter who is known for his expansive, three-dimensional depictions of urban life and decay. The face in the film more closely resembles some of the paintings he did of celebrities and famous people. Additionally, the structure of the joke, calling it “Red Grooms’ Dracula” is probably a play on the 1992 adaptation of the classic Dracula story, “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” starring Gary Oldman.

Novelty factor: I’m familiar with the Oldman movie but I had to look up who Red Grooms was.

red grooms


2 thoughts on “359. “Red Grooms’ Dracula”

  1. I always thought he said “Red Green’s Dracula” in reference to the Canadian comedy show about an older outdoorsman and his awkward grown son. I think this explanation the joke much better considering the context in which it’s said during the film.

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