The final week of MST3k Riff-a-Day

Hello, readers. There’s not a ton of you out there, but I would just like to say thank you for reading along with my MST3k project throughout the course of this year.

This blog began as a response to “thing a day” projects that friends and acquaintances were attempting, and went on to be an unqualified success. I learned the origins of many riffs I never understood before, and was able to educate other viewers in the same. In the year’s time, I never missed a daily update.

Now, though, there is only one week left in the initial 365-day challenge, and I’ve decided not to continue MST3k Riff-a-Day after that time is up. Although I’ve enjoyed writing it, the daily updates have been wearing on me, and I won’t miss having to ensure there’s a new post ready to go up each morning.

And so, thank you for reading. I’ve really appreciated all the comments over the course of the year. I will leave you with Joel’s wise words regarding the Circus of Doctor Lao.

EDIT: Somebody asked in the comments if I would still look up, research or otherwise figure out obscure riffs if they are suggested to me here, and I don’t see why not. Simply leave them on the “Suggest-a-Riff” page.


8 thoughts on “The final week of MST3k Riff-a-Day

  1. Awe. This makes me sad. I loved reading these every day. I don’t have time to do one every day either, but would you be willing to maybe curate a bunch of submitted entries if many people are interested? I am pretty sure I could submit one a week, for example.

  2. Circus of Dr Lao? I figured we at least rated a piece from the Desiderata!

    Thanks for the riffs. I too am interested in future riff-splanations.

  3. thank you for doing this. I only found the blog in December so I missed most of the daily updates, but I have used the back catalog and appreciate the posts.

    Happy New Year.

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