351. “Suzy ChapStick was arraigned today…”

The episode:Kitten with a Whip,” ep. 615

The riff: Spoken in a deep, newscaster-style voice by Crow as a blonde woman with feathery hair is shown on a TV in the background.

The explanation: “Suzy ChapStick” was a name given to American Olympic skier Suzy Chaffee in a popular series of ads for ChapStick lip balm, where she would invite others to call her “Suzy ChapStick” because she always wore it in dry “ChapStick weather.” As a skier, she was known for her good looks as much as her actual abilities. The ads appeared throughout the 1970s.

Novelty factor: I’m glad to be able to do this riff, because I’ve noticed multiple “Suzy ChapStick” references throughout the history of the series, most notably in “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.” Now I finally know what the hell they were talking about.


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