347. “Dave Pirner searches for his ball.”

The episode:The Screaming Skull,” ep. 912

The riff: Narrated by Servo as an unkempt man with long, greasy hair roots around among the vegetation in a greenhouse.

The explanation: Dave Pirner is a musician best known as the vocalist for alternative rock band Soul Asylum. Founded in Minneapolis (naturally) in 1983, they were only moderately successful until a triple platinum album, “Grave Dancers Union,” in 1992. After that, they put out another platinum album and even played the Bill Clinton inauguration. I’m not at all surprised that they’re another Minneapolis reference for MST3k.

Novelty factor: Definitely never heard of Dave Pirner individually. I can barely say that Soul Asylum sounds familiar–clearly, I was not paying attention to this music in the early 1990s.


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