342. “…or Jim J. Bullock?”

The episode:Village of the Giants,” ep. 523

The riff: Slipped in as a third suggestion after the teens overlook the effects of their new growth serum on ducks and remark “Can you imagine if you fed this to cattle or chickens?”

The explanation: Jim J. Bullock is a comedian and actor who is best remembered for co-starring on the ABC sitcom “Too Close for Comfort” in the mid-1980s as the ambiguously gay neighbor Monroe Ficus. In one famously weird episode, Monroe gets kidnapped by a group of women and raped, which is played for laughs. Gay in real life, he was diagnosed with HIV in the mid-1980s and has successfully fought the disease ever since. This is one of those riffs where I have absolutely no idea why they chose that name at random to include. He’s not even a short guy. Anyone have a clue?

Novelty factor: The name didn’t mean anything to me when I heard it. I didn’t think I’ve ever even heard of “Too Close for Comfort” before, until I found the rape scene, which I’d seen discussed before.


One thought on “342. “…or Jim J. Bullock?”

  1. Just watched the short Design for Dreaming (off the Mr B’s Lost Shorts comp) and heard another reference to Jim J Bullock. Toward the end of the short, while the characters are driving on the Highway of Tomorrow, Mike says “That’s where President Barbi Benton lives with Prime Minister Jim J Bullock.” That was pretty random.

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