338. “No, no, I think it’s James A. Michener’s ‘Adventures in Paradise’!”

The episode:Hercules and the Captive Women,” ep. 412

The riff: Corrected by Tom after Crow observes a group of people disembark from a ship on a tropical beach and references the film “The Blue Lagoon.”

The explanation:Adventures in Paradise” was an ABC television series that aired from 1959-1962, featuring tales of romance and mystery in the Pacific, following Korean War veteran character Troy. It drew on the autobiographical stories of James A. Michener and his family sagas, which described various areas of the Pacific in great detail.

Novelty factor: Definitely never heard of a show like this before, although it’s interesting to note that re-runs ran on the USA network between 1984-1988. So there were no re-runs for 22 years and then it was on TV for another four years? Huh.


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