333. “Laraine Newman and the Newmanettes.”

The episode:Space Mutiny,” ep. 820

The riff: Quipped by Mike as a bunch of thin women with long, flowing hair do their bizarre dance piece in an empty room.

The explanation: Laraine Newman is an American comic actress, best remembered as an original cast member on “Saturday Night Live.” She was part of the show’s first five seasons and played characters like Connie Conehead, but developed serious eating disorders and eventually a heroin addiction. In her later career she took an interest in voice acting, and has appeared in small roles in many animated films such as “Wall-E,” “Monsters Inc.” and “Despicable Me.”

Novelty factor: I’ve seen this episode many times and always wondered about that riff, although I didn’t really know who Newman was. Unlike contemporaries like Gilda Radner, I take it she wasn’t the most well-known SNL cast member in her day.


One thought on “333. “Laraine Newman and the Newmanettes.”

  1. I have the original five years of Saturday night Live on DVD “I watched it new” and she was very much an integral part of the show. They did several girl group bits and I keep thinking one of them was called that, but its hard to remember. This was a good example, and doubtless this is the sort of thing that encouraged it. http://vimeo.com/17708970

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