331. “Maureen Stapleton?! Looking good!”

The episode:Pod People,” ep. 303

The riff: Quizzically asked by Joel after a ditzy bimbo introduces herself to the group. I think what she says is “Hi, ya’ll! I’m Lori Stapleton!” but it’s tough to make out.

The explanation: Maureen Stapleton was a prolific American actress of both the stage and screen. She was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress on four different occasions, eventually winning the final time for the 1981 Russian revolution film “Reds,” in which she played anarchist Emma Goldman. She won two Tony Awards on Broadway and also started scooping up Emmy nominations toward the end of her career. This woman collected nominations like they were stamps.

Novelty factor: I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of Maureen Stapleton before. Even the name doesn’t sound familiar. I’m rather surprised by this.


3 thoughts on “331. “Maureen Stapleton?! Looking good!”

  1. Would you believe I have her autobiograhy that I bought when it came out in 1995. Of course I have yet to read it. If I’m not mistaken, I think she famously teamed with another A-list actor – George C. Scott – on a number of projects.

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