330. “He’s won the Irving Thalberg award!”

The episode:Danger! Death Ray,” ep. 620

The riff: Gaped by Mike as a spy’s boss compliments him and says “You deserve a special prize for your work.”

The explanation: Irving Thalberg was the co-creator of the movie studio MGM and was one of history’s most storied and successful film producers. Known as “The Boy Wonder” for his great success at a young age, he passed away at only 37 years old from pneumonia. The Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Awards were established and are awarded sporadically at the Governors Awards ceremony to¬†“Creative producers, whose bodies of work reflect a consistently high quality of motion picture production.” The most recent recipient was director Francis Ford Coppola in 2010.

Novelty factor: My film education taught me who Thalberg was, but I actually haven’t heard of the award before.


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