329. “Hey, just like Ed Ames on The Tonight Show.”

The episode:Time of the Apes,” ep. 306

The riff: Noted by Tom Servo as a mercenary guy takes a knife out of its sheath and throws it, cutting down two kids caught in a net.

The explanation: Ed Ames was an American singer and actor, known for his adult contemporary music in the 1960s. He also acted on the 1960s NBC series “Daniel Boone,” where he played a Native American named “Mingo.” It was this role that brought him to The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where he was supposed to demonstrate Tomahawk throwing. His first throw hit the wooden cowboy target square in the groin, which resulted in uproarious laughter from the audience. Carson then quipped “I didn’t even know you were Jewish,” followed by “welcome to frontier bris.”

Novelty factor: I haven’t heard of Ames, the incident or “Daniel Boone.” What do you think of THAT, hmmm?


What do you think, sirs?

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