326. “Did you put an Aspirin in my Coke?”

The episode:The Pumaman,” ep. 903

The riff: Said in a female voice by Tom as the beautiful Sydne Rome looks woozy under hypnosis from the evil villain played by Donald Pleasence.

The explanation: Tom is referring to a longstanding urban legend involving the mixing of Coke and the pain-reliever Aspirin. For whatever reason, over the years, young people have attributed all kinds of effects to consuming the two together. It’s been called everything from an aphrodisiac and a way to get high to a cause of instantaneous death. Apparently in the film “Grease,” a character even says she caught someone putting Aspirin in her Coke as a reference to the urban legend.

Novelty factor: I can’t remember if I’ve heard this in context before, but I’m not surprised by the belief.

More powerful than heroin.

More powerful than heroin.


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