316. “The days of Maruba fruit and roses.”

The episode:Overdrawn at the Memory Bank,” ep. 822

The riff: Quipped by Mike while a bunch of the characters who have had their consciousnesses transferred into animals eat alcoholic or mind-altering “Maruba fruit” and stumble around in an intoxicated state.

The explanation: There’s no actual “Maruba fruit,” but the riff references the 1962 film “Days of Wine and Roses,” which starred Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick as a couple codependently struggling with alcoholism. It was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning one. In a sense, it’s basically the exact same premise for a movie as last year’s critically acclaimed “Smashed.”

Novelty factor: I got the reference to the title, even though I’ve never seen “Days of Wine and Roses.” I didn’t even know what it was actually about, but I knew the title.


3 thoughts on “316. “The days of Maruba fruit and roses.”

  1. Inside the Actor’s Studio, Jack Lemmon, made a statement that left James Lipton speechless. It was a fact he didn’t know or have amongst his stack of blue cards. I’m sure they were discussing “Days of Wine and Roses,” when Lemmon said something about being an alcoholic. Lipton: “In the movie.” Lemmon: “No, I’m an alcoholic.” Lipton: nothing; jaw on floor

  2. No “maruba,” but there is a marula fruit. There are scenes in African nature documentaries of elephants and other animals getting falling-down drunk after eating the fermenting fruit.

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