310. “Lend me a tenor?”

The episode:Teenagers from Outer Space,” ep. 404

The riff: Offered as a possibility by Joel after the female lead tries to reassure the good guy alien that things will be alright and he replies he’s worried about “what I know is coming here.”

The explanation:Lend Me a Tenor” is the title of a theater comedy that started on London’s West End in 1986 and opened on Broadway in 1989, winning nine Tony Awards. It’s a farcical comedy of errors that revolves around a missing opera singer, and is often performed by community theater groups. The name implies that it would be a musical but it isn’t–however, a musical version was created later.

Novelty factor: Weirdly enough I’ve never heard of this, for a show that apparently has been performed so many times. Pretty cheesy title, though.


2 thoughts on “310. “Lend me a tenor?”

  1. Theatre 7 did an adequate production in 1998. Little Theatre/Sullivan did a very good production in 1995. Interesting anecdote about the production from one the stars – Marie Jagger-Taylor. But that’s not for this forum.

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