306. “Well at least they didn’t chain him to a Baldwin brother, he’s got that going for him.”

The episode:The Touch of Satan,” ep. 908

The riff: Observed by Mike as the film’s dopey male lead is chained inside a barn by some farmers after witnessing a murder. He’s handcuffed to an animal stall.

The explanation: This seems to be a reference to the 1996 action movie “Fled,” which starred Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Baldwin. Essentially a rip-off of “The Defiant Ones,” it’s about a pair of prisoners chained to each other who escape from prison and must avoid recapture by corrupt federal agents and the thugs of a crime boss. It was critically panned, especially the performance of Baldwin. Unsurprising, as Stephen Baldwin is about as exciting as Joe Estevez.

Novelty factor: This is smack dab during the middle of my childhood, but I have no recollection of this film whatsoever. It failed to recoup its budget and I can only assume it then vanished off the face of the Earth.


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