303. “It’s Doc Savage!”

The episode:Outlaw of Gor,” ep. 519

The riff: Exclaimed by Tom as we get our first look at “Cabot,” the film’s reluctant professor-turned sword-and-sorcery hero.

The explanation: Doc Savage was a pulp magazine hero of the 1930s and 1940s, sort of a gun-toting Indiana Jones archaeologist archetype. He was a very popular character in short stories, comics, radio and even a feature film or two, popularizing the stock character of a “fighting professor” who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Shows like “Johnny Quest” and “The Venture Brothers” owe everything to Doc Savage. The series could also be criticized for a certain white supremacist air, as only the wise and noble Doc Savage could fix each situation.

Novelty factor: I’ve read plenty about Doc Savage before, but I’ve never actually read one of the pieces. We may get to see the character again, though, as there is persistent talk of a Doc Savage reboot.


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