297. “Look, a tiger!” “What, in Africa?”

The episode:Jungle Goddess,” ep. 203

The riff: Exclaimed first by Tom and responded to by Crow in British accents as a pair of explorer-types in pith helmets navigate through the brush after landing their plane in the jungle.

The explanation: They’re referring to a running gag in the 1983 sketch comedy film “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.” In one segment, set during the British empire’s clash with the Zulu in Africa, a stuffy, aristocratic British officer wakes up in the morning to find his right leg missing. He is shocked to be informed by the doctor that it was likely taken in the night by a tiger, which the other officers insist should not be found in Africa. Later, two men in tiger costumes are discovered with the leg.

Novelty factor: It has been a while since I’ve seen “Meaning of Life,” and I’ve never liked it as much as the first two Python movies, so I didn’t immediately know the line. With the accents, though, it was easy to guess that it was some kind of Python bit.


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