292. “Is that Jacques Brel coming up behind him on the bike?”

The episode:The Horror of Party Beach,” ep. 817

The riff: Asked quizzically by Servo as some teens motor around in their car, followed by a motorcycle gang. I believe Tom is referring to one wearing a beret.

The explanation: Jacques Brel was a famous Belgian singer-songwriter who is among the most famous lyrical figures in French music. He is considered a major innovator in “Chanson,” which is essentially the art of singing in French. He wasn’t really well known in the U.S., but as a singer he was cited as an inspiration by countless artists, from Neil Diamond to Nirvana.

Novelty factor: I must admit, I’ve never even heard of this guy before. How odd.


One thought on “292. “Is that Jacques Brel coming up behind him on the bike?”

  1. I’ve seen a couple productions of the musical “Jacques Brel Is Alive and Well and Living in Paris, including one at RCC (the other was at ISU). I first heard about it when I saw it on TV as part of the American Film Theatre series that was broadcast, I believe, on PBS. This was in 1975. There’s some very powerful, moving songs. I highly recommend you seek it out. If not that, check out the double-album. I’m sure by now it’s available on CD. I have the original vinyl, so sorry about that if you were interested in borrowing.

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