286. “Global warming is a big ruse by some liberal, Pablum-puking liberals!”

The episode:The Incredible Melting Man,” ep. 704

The riff: Yelled angrily by Crow at the screen while solar flares are shown, roaring up off the surface of our star.

The explanation: Crow is mocking Morton Downey, Jr., a right-wing radio and television host famous for “The Morton Downey, Jr. Show” in the late 1980s. Downey was a provocateur who liked to pick fights, and “pablum-puking liberal” was one of his best-known catchphrases. Pablum, meanwhile, is a processed cereal for infants that has been made since 1931. Because it is very bland an inoffensive, the word has subsequently developed a double meaning as “bland, mushy, unappetizing or infantile.”

Novelty factor: Context-wise, you get what he’s saying, but I didn’t know who Morton Downey, Jr. was OR what Pablum was before this.



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