280. “Wow, Billy Barty was driving the car last.”

The episode:A Case of Spring Fever,” the short in front of “Squirm,” ep. 1012

NOTE: This is the very last of all the shorts! I have now done at least one riff from every episode and at least one riff from every short! I will continue the blog for at least 365 days as stated in the original challenge, but I declare this at least partial victory.

The riff: Observed with surprise by Mike as the sad-sack main character gets into his extremely cramped car and is unable to move the seat back (because all the world’s springs have disappeared).

The explanation: Billy Barty was a dwarf actor and comedian who stood 3 feet, 9 inches tall as an adult. He was often cast as a wisecracker alongside taller characters. He had a lot career, appearing in everything from “The Day of the Locust” and the Ralph Bakshi “Lord of the Rings” (as Bilbo and Sam!) to “Willow,” where he was the dwarf town’s master wizard.

Novelty factor: I didn’t know the name, but I totally recognize Barty from his role in “Willow.” I had no idea of all the other films he had been in.


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