271. “I hope Leopold doesn’t find out about this.”

The episode:Are You Ready for Marriage?“, the short in front of “Racket Girls,” ep. 616

The riff: Said with a small degree of worry by Crow as a young man walks away from a home after his rather tepid date with a young woman.

The explanation: He appears to be implying that the guy is like Richard Loeb, a convicted killer who along with Nathan Leopold, killed 14-year-old Bobby Franks in 1924 Chicago. The pair were wealthy students and lovers who concocted the plan to abduct and hold the boy for ransom, but also both admitted later that they wanted to kill for the thrill of committing the “perfect crime.” Their efforts weren’t so perfect, however, as a pair of eyeglasses left at the scene of the body (WTF?) eventually led back to Leopold. The pair were convicted in a media circus trial. Loeb was killed in prison and Leopold was released in 1958.

Novelty factor: No way I could have known this one, but I found it more interesting than many of the riffs I’ve looked up. Some seriously dark territory here.


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