268. “I’m making it for the Grand Wizard.”

The episode:Why Study Industrial Arts?” the short in front of “The Skydivers,” ep. 609

The riff: Spoken by Mike in a rather nerdy, pipsqueak voice as two young, 1950s-looking white kids work in shop class and one asks “Hey, are you making this?

The explanation: The title of “Grand Wizard” was traditionally regarded as the highest ranking officer in the Reconstruction-era Ku Klux Klan. In actuality, though, the title was only heard by the first Grand Wizard, Nathan Bedford Forrest, for two years from 1867-1869. Later, in the Klan’s second era as a “social organization,” there was a procession of “Imperial Wizards” who served as the highest ranking officials. Nevertheless, many have since claimed the title of “Grand Wizard” without any national recognition as such.

Novelty factor: I knew of the title, but I had no idea of the complex history behind it. I also knew the “Grand Wizard of Wrestling” as the title of famed wrestling manager Ernie Roth.

Note: Enjoy this wannabe’s insane, anti-Semitic rambling.


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