266. “The summer of my German humiliation.”

The episode:Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm,” the short before “Bloodlust,” ep. 607

The riff: Spoken by Tom in a grave tone as a kid playing with others in a barn tries to climb a rope but doesn’t do too hot at it.

The explanation: Tom is referring to a 1973 novel called “Summer of My German Soldier” by Bette Greene. The book is about a young Jewish girl living in Arkansas during World War II. She comes into contact with an escaped German POW (Did we really bring them to America? It seems like a lot of unnecessary effort.) and the two fall in love. <— He’s not a Nazi, clearly. The book was additionally made into a TV movie in 1978.

Novelty factor: Had no idea, but I assumed it was probably a film from the way Tom said it.


One thought on “266. “The summer of my German humiliation.”

  1. Yes we did, we used them as farm labor to free up more fighting men. Seriously. Minnesota had quite s few, and some chose to not go back. “Apparent;y they had the option”

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