264. “Field Marshall Montgomery sits down to eat.”

The episode:A Date with Your Family,” the short in front of “Invasion USA,” ep. 602

The riff: Spoken in a stuffy British accent by Tom as the father of the short’s nuclear family sits down to dinner with his family.

The explanation: The father bears a resemblance in appearance and manners to the famed Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery of the British military. Montgomery was commander of the majority of British ground forces in North Africa during World War II, leading the Allies to victory in key campaigns like the Battle of El Alamein against the Panzer divisions of Erwin Rommel. He was known as a stereotypical British gentleman, affectionately known as “Monty.”

Novelty factor: I actually recognized this one, as I have with several past World War II riffs. What can I say, I actually paid attention to that stuff in school.


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