263. “No, you must come as Geechy Guy.”

The episode:Design for Dreaming,” the short in front of “12 to the Moon,” ep. 524

The riff: Replied in a mocking way by Mike after a woman in her nightgown asks “May I come just as I am?”

The explanation: Geechy Guy is a stand-up comedian from Michigan who was best known for his appearances on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search,” where he held the record for most wins as a comedian. He’s made sporadic other television appearances, from “The Tonight Show” to “America’s Got Talent.” Apparently he also holds the Guinness record for jokes told in an hour at 676…so there’s that. He seems to be known for a very rapid-fire style of corny joke delivery.

Novelty factor: I know for a fact that they’ve made references to this guy before, but I never bothered to look up who he was until now. I really wasn’t certain it was a stand-up comedian; I thought it might be a musician. It’s certainly a recognizable name, though.


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