260. “Geez, this kid could freak out Jamie Gumb.”

The episode:Cheating,” the short in front of “The Wild World of Batwoman,” ep. 515

The riff: Said in a distressed tone by Crow as young Johnny sits in the bleak darkness of his room like a psychopath and waits for the phone to ring.

The explanation: It’s a reference to both the novel and film adaptation of “The Silence of the Lambs.” In the book and film, “Jame Gumb” turns out to be the true name of “Buffalo Bill,” the serial killer that Clarice Starling is hunting. Interestingly, Crow pronounces the name as “jay-mee,” even though it’s actually “jay-m.” One of the character’s quirks in the novel is that he insists on his name being pronounced in that way, and they honor the pronunciation in the film.

Novelty factor: I’ve read the novel (I love horror), so this one jumped out at me. Note: He gives a fake name in the clip below.


One thought on “260. “Geez, this kid could freak out Jamie Gumb.”

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