249. “I’d like a sloe gin circus.”

The episode:Circus on Ice,” the short in front of “Monster a Go-Go,” ep. 421

The riff: Pined-for by Joel as we see the title card for “Circus on Ice.”

The explanation: Sloe gin is a gin variant that isn’t terribly well known in the United States, because it originates from Britain, the land of gin. It is made with fruit–specifically, the “drupes” of the blackthorn plant, which are soaked in gin to produce a red, fruit-flavored spirit that is then used in a variety of cocktails.

Novelty factor: I’ve never actually had sloe gin before, but I’ve read about it on a number of occasions after being confused by the pronunciation, thinking someone was talking about “slow” gin.

Note: I enjoy this video because the British woman says it’s a “bit of a nartch” to pick the berries. I have no idea what this means.


7 thoughts on “249. “I’d like a sloe gin circus.”

  1. I just discovered this blog. You win at life… Finally, my brain can make sense of all these horrible experiments… WE’VE GOT MOVIE SIGN! AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Thanks Colin, really appreciate that. How did you discover it, if I might ask?

      Any riffs you’ve always wondered about?

      • Google.. that’s how 🙂 I was searching for “mst3k explained” i believe… Couldn’t remember the original site i was looking for but I’ve found it now: http://www.annotatedmst.com/ Have you ever visited here? There’s some decent info to compare. I like how you’re posting daily. That site hasn’t been updated in a while. Can’t think of any riffs off the top of my head, though I’m constantly watching episodes. If I find something I’ll drop a line.. Keep it up!

        • I consult Annotated MST3k regularly. For the episodes they have covered, it makes my job very easy. But seeing as they haven’t done all of the episodes, I still have to do the research myself, from time to time.

          • So i was checking the “stump the annotated” section over there, and well.. I think i solved one…:) If you look at show 812 TISCWSLaBMUZ [1:08:35] A lady appears and Servo says “Ooh! It looks like Ru Gretzky.” The site says RUE but I think they meant RU as in Ru Paul.. the famous cross-dresser of the nineties. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RuPaul I think the gist of the riff is that this particular woman looks like a cross dressing Wayne Gretzky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayne_Gretzky So Servo was basically just combining the two names… Ru and Gretzky…. I don’t know, take a look for yourself.. I’ll drop a line over at their site as well. Maybe we can finally put this age old mystery to bed. 😀 (I feel like such a gumshoe…:P)

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