247. “Is that a Cross Your Heart?”

The episode:General Hospital pt. 3,” the short in front of “Crash of the Moons,” ep. 417

The riff: Asked in a smarmy voice by Crow as a guy sneaks a peak at a woman’s rather pointy-looking chest as she walks by.

The explanation: The “Cross Your Heart” is a brand of bra that has been made by Playtex since all the way back in the 1960s. Originally, it was meant quite literally–supports would form an “X” across the chest to “lift and separate,” making you “suddenly shaplier.” I guess it was considered of little to no significance that this didn’t actually “cross the heart,” seeing as the heart isn’t located in the center of the chest under the sternum. They’re still made today but no longer have the big “X,” now boasting of their “smooth look and natural shaping.”

Novelty factor: Never heard of this one in my life, had no idea what they were talking about.


One thought on “247. “Is that a Cross Your Heart?”

  1. Oh, I remember them. I recall the ads shown in the picture above when they would demonstrate the ‘cross your heart’ and how it would ‘lift and separate.’ They used a mannequin to demonstrate. Around that time there were ground-breaking TV ads with live models wearing bras – over their clothes. Then there were invisible woman-like ads where all you see is an invisible woman walking around, and all that you see is her bra and a skirt or slacks.

    Of course as a kid I (and my friends) would secretly poor through the bra ads in the HUGE Sears, Montgomery Ward, & Penny’s catalogs that we got in the mail.

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