243. “Oh, what a time to get a kink in the back. The heartbreak of psoriasis.”

The episode:Commando Cody pt. 4,” the first of two shorts before “Robot Monster,” ep. 107

The riff: Observed by Joel as a couple of robbers attempt to escape in their getaway cars and get shot, clutching their backs.

The explanation: Alright, so “the heartbreak of psoriasis” was a phrase that was used in commercials for Tegrin medicated soap and shampoo, starting in the 1960s, to describe the immune system condition that causes skin irritation. The phrase was used in many other places, including a stage show by the drag queen Divine as well as a song of the same name by Root Boy Slim.

Novelty factor: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Tegrin before, as it doesn’t sound like it is manufactured any more.


2 thoughts on “243. “Oh, what a time to get a kink in the back. The heartbreak of psoriasis.”

  1. Root Boy Slim – probably one of my most-requested albums to play the first track at a party (or MY favorite track, I should say) – that being “Boogie Till You Puke” The complete name of the group is Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band.


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