241. “It’s a Wham-O Magic Window!”

The episode:Commando Cody pt. 3,” the short in front of “The Corpse Vanishes,” ep. 105

The riff: Excitedly concluded by Joel as large sheets of molten rock drift and mix together.

The explanation: Wham-O is of course the classic toy company known for hits like the hula hoop, frisbee and slip ‘n slide. The Magic Window, on the other hand, was apparently something sort of similar to an Etch-a-Sketch, where the kid would hold this box with an oval window. Inside two panes of glass were two different colored sands, apparently of different densities. By shifting the box around, constantly shifting shapes would be formed, which could approximate scenic landscapes like mountains or the ocean. The toy doesn’t seem to be made by Wham-O any more, but in 2012 the holders of the original patent apparently made a new, tweaked version.

Novelty factor: Never heard of this toy before in my life. It seems a little on the confusing side, but I fully expect that every one of my older readers will remember this.


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