234. “Let’s watch Willa Cather doing her Baby Snooks impression.”

The episode:Aquatic Wizards,” the short in front of “Teenage Caveman,” ep. 315

The riff: Interjected by Crow during one of many water-skiing scenes when the narrator says “Let’s watch Willa McGuire…

The explanation: Alright, this seems to be a riff with multiple layers. First Crow plays off the name “Willa” by referencing American frontier author Willa Cather, the writer of “O, Pioneers!” But the “Baby Snooks” reference seems to be a reference to the water skiers bonnet-type hat, which looks suspiciously like something that might have been worn by comedienne Fanny Brice. Brice was known as the creator of the “Baby Snooks” character, an endearing “little girl” character played by the middle-aged Brice on radio in the 1940s.

Novelty factor: I knew vaguely who Willa Cather was, but the entire “Baby Snooks” segment left me in the dust.


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