233. “It’s called Herbalife.”

The episode:Speech: Using Your Voice,” the short in front of “Earth vs. The Spider,” ep. 313

The riff: Inserted as dialog by Tom after a stuttering, mush-mouthed salesman tries to say “It’s really, really simple.”

The explanation: Herbalife is a huge, multi-level and international marketing company that sells various nutritional products, supplements, weight-management and beauty products. It recruits people on numerous levels to sell its products, which has caused claims that the entire corporation is one giant pyramid scheme. It has been formally accused of this by the Commercial Court in Brussels, Belgium, a decision it is appealing. Coincidentally, one of its top salesmen appears to have shot himself just a few days ago.

Novelty factor: I’d actually never heard of the company before, surprisingly. I’m sure it’s probably a pyramid scheme, though–it actually reminds me of the “King of the Hill” episode “Bill of Sales,” which featured Peggy and Bill working for a similar company.


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