232. “Hey look, I can see Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw over there.”

The episode:Snow Thrills,” the short in front of “It Conquered the World,” ep. 311

The riff: Observed and pointed out by Joel as a large crowd of skaters enjoy some of the short’s titular snow thrills on a large ice rink.

The explanation: He’s referring to the classic 1970 romantic drama “Love Story,” which starred O’Neal and MacGraw as lovers from different social classes who are doomed by MacGraw’s tragic illness. During one of many montages of their developing relationship, they go skating and frolicking in the snow while a famous portion of the Oscar-winning soundtrack plays. Both O’Neal and MacGraw were nominated for Academy Awards for their roles, but neither won.

Novelty factor: I’ve never actually seen “Love Story,” but I suspected this was the source of the riff as soon as Joel followed it up with “Love means never having to watch this movie.”


3 thoughts on “232. “Hey look, I can see Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw over there.”

  1. A couple of years later there was a comedy with Ryan O’Neal & Barbra Streisand (“What’s Up, Doc” I think), where she says “that” quote, to which O’Neal replies something like, “That’s the dumbest/stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

      • As I recall, it was pretty much reviled everywhere. I found this one particularly funny, being that it was said by the star to whom it was said in the original movie.

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