227. “I’m the god! I’m the god!”

The episode:The Phantom Creeps Pt. 1,” the short in front of “Jungle Goddess,” ep. 203

The riff: Yelled by Joel as Bela Lugosi angrily advances on his underling for daring to question the madness of his mad science (It’s pretty mad).

The explanation: A reference to one of the all-time classic episodes of “The Twilight Zone” called “The Little People.” In the episode, two argumentative astronauts land on an uncharted planet to repair their ship. While searching around, one of them finds a tiny city of people no bigger than fleas, cruelly crushing their buildings. He eventually decides to install himself as the deity of the little folks, making them construct a life-size statue of him in his honor. After his partner leaves in disgust, the new “god” is given a terrible surprise as a new ship touches down, with astronauts as big as a mountains. With his world crashing down, he screams “Don’t you understand?! I’m the god!” at them before one reaches down and crushes him like a bug in typically ironic “Twilight Zone” fashion.

Novelty factor: I think you can probably tell from my explanation that I’m quite familiar with this episode.


One thought on “227. “I’m the god! I’m the god!”

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