223. “Woah, there’s a bullsnake on her neck.”

The episode:Jack Frost,” ep. 813

The riff: Noted by Crow in reaction to our heroine Nastenka’s long, dark brown braid, which is frequently commented upon and admired by other characters in the film.

The explanation: The bullsnake (yes, it’s one word) is a species of medium-sized, nonvenomous snakes found throughout the central United States. It preys largely on small mammals, reptiles and other snakes. It’s considered pretty much harmless to humans, but is still occasionally killed because its patterning and coloration are similar to dangerous rattlesnakes. In reality though, it provides more help than harm, as it feeds on vermin and even smaller venomous snakes.

Novelty factor: I’ve watched enough nature shows to have heard of snakes like this one and the similar Kingsnake.


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