222. “Scott Tracy, calling Scott Tracy.”

The episode:The Human Duplicators,” ep. 420

The riff: Spoken in an old-timey radio sort of voice by Crow as a cheap-looking spaceship flies through the void.

The explanation: I can scarcely believe it, but this is yet another reference to a British marionette series by puppetry wiz Gerry Anderson. This is the third time he’s come up in these riffs and second this week after the show “Stingray” came up a few days ago. This reference is instead on the subject of what was perhaps Anderson’s most famous show, “Thunderbirds.” It was basically the same thing as “Stingray” except in the air, and Scott Tracy was the pilot of the show’s advanced rocketship, Thunderbird 1. Like all of Gerry Anderson’s shows, the characters were puppets animated with “Supermarionation.”

Novelty factor: Still didn’t recognize the reference when I heard it, but I’m amazed by how frequently these references to Gerry Anderson shows keep coming up. One of the writers was clearly a big fan.


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