221. “Irwin Corey, ladies and gentlemen.”

The episode:The Rebel Set,” ep. 419

The riff: Attributed by Tom to a crazy old artist-type with an eyepatch who is up on stage, reading some kind of bizarre, Beat Generation poetry.

The explanation: Irwin Corey is a stand-up comedian and entertainer who was known for his unscripted and improvisational comic style. He developed a sort of absentminded professor character who was often billed as “The World’s Foremost Authority,” although it was left out what exactly he was supposed to be an authority on. As a comedian, Corey was apparently a big influence on Lenny Bruce.

Novelty factor: I must admit I’ve never even heard the name before. But I will say, Corey was one weird-looking dude.


One thought on “221. “Irwin Corey, ladies and gentlemen.”

  1. I always remembered him as Professor Irwin Corey. His movie (and TV) roles were usually of, like you said, an authority/expert on everything. His improvisational style were double-speak rants that made no sense, yet at the same time did in their own way. I seem to recall him in roles where he was lecturing a group on whatever. His attire and look in general was that of an absent-minded professor with hair resembling that of Einstein.

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