219. “Brought to you by Andersen Windows.”

The episode:The Thing that Couldn’t Die,” ep. 805

The riff: Intoned by Tom as the camera lazily lingers on the family’s front room windows during an intense scene of phone dialing.

The explanation: Andersen Windows is a door/window manufacturer/vendor based in Bayport, Minnesota. Unsurprisingly, the name seems to be that of Scandinavian origin, like everything else in Minnesota.

Novelty factor: Two extremely Midwestern riffs in a row, eh? Of course I didn’t know this one. Who would, except someone who had been to Andersen Windows?


4 thoughts on “219. “Brought to you by Andersen Windows.”

  1. I think Andersen is a pretty big company, as far as windows go, available nationwide. Certainly at yer Home Depots and such.

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