218. “A night on the town in Escanaba, Michigan.”

The episode:The Brain that Wouldn’t Die,” ep. 513

The riff: Uttered with no apparent context by Crow as a sleazy stripper/dancer in a grimy nightclub shakes her stuff.

The explanation: The actual Escanaba, Michigan is a small city (population 13,000) in the Upper Peninsula of the mitten state. The word roughly translates to “land of the red buck” in local native tongues. It’s basically a tourist town for fishing on the lake, and I have absolutely no idea why the content on screen in this movie would make them think of such a random Midwestern town. That’s just what this show was like sometimes–they could have inserted the name of any small town. Perhaps they knew someone from Escanaba who told them stories. One has to figure they had some personal connection to the place.

Novelty factor: It will probably not surprise you to know that I was not aware of the existence of Escanaba. I can’t help but wonder if anyone from the town ever saw this riff.

Obscure reference for the sake of obscure reference.

Escanaba: Home of the obscure reference.


4 thoughts on “218. “A night on the town in Escanaba, Michigan.”

  1. I am from Escanaba. My brother got me into mst3000 years ago when it was on syfy. My personal favorite episodes are Hercules vs the moon men and Mitchell. Keep the tapes circulating!

  2. I am from Escanaba and can offer a little information. Escanaba, until 1989 had 2 “strip joints”. Very unusual for a town of less than 13,000 people.Very popular during deer hunting season. I don’t know how they knew about “Esky”, though

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