212. “This is CNN. Get off my land!”

The episode:City Limits,” ep. 403

The riff: Spoken in a deep, gravelly voice by Crow as a large black man appears in a doorway and brandishes a shotgun at the motorcycle riders who have just arrived.

The explanation: As it turns out, the actor is James Earl Jones, but he’s mostly unrecognizable at this point in the film, the first time we see him. The “this is CNN” line is a reference to Jones’ voiceover work. For many years, a recording of his voice was used to introduce CNN segments, and he also recorded a second one, “This is CNN International.”

Novelty factor: Didn’t know this one, probably because I hate news networks and wouldn’t have been watching them years ago. They’ve made this same reference numerous times before, though, so I was glad to finally understand what it meant.


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