211. “I’m gonna get me a piece of bottom land.”

The episode:Attack of the Eye Creatures,” ep. 418

The riff: Muttered by Tom as a crotchety old farmer in a hat comes ambling down his front walk.

The explanation: I had some trouble finding the source of this one, but ended up tracing it to the 1941 film classic “Sergeant York,” starring Gary Cooper. The film, a somewhat fictionalized biography of American war hero Alvin York, begins with the farmer York wanting to get himself “a piece of bottom land” that is richer and more fertile than his own so he can provide for his sweetheart. He ends up going to war and killing a lot of Imperialist Germans, and eventually returns to grateful townsfolk who have indeed purchased a plot of bottom land for him as a gift.

Novelty factor: Definitely couldn’t have predicted this particular one. As I said, it wasn’t even that easy to find the reference. And no, I’ve never seen “Sergeant York.”


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