209. “Tom and Jerry, ma’am?”

The episode:The Deadly Mantis,” ep. 804

The riff: Asked politely by Crow as a doofus officer offers the one woman in the movie a cup of coffee to stave off the arctic winter.

The explanation: The Tom and Jerry is actually a form of holiday cocktail in the Midwestern United States, particularly Wisconsin and Minnesota. It was invented by British Pierce Egan way back in the 1820s, so the name refers not to the MGM cartoon characters or even to famous mixologist Jerry Thomas. The cocktail is essentially heated eggnog with rum or brandy and nutmeg, served in a mug. Presumably, it’s the kind of cocktail you might drink if you were stationed at the north pole like the people in this movie.

Novelty factor: I’m actually kind of surprised that I don’t know this one. I wasn’t sure what the riff was going to be a reference to, but I wasn’t expecting a cocktail. I guess this one is pretty regional. Stupid Minnesota and Wisconsin, with their own languages.


One thought on “209. “Tom and Jerry, ma’am?”

  1. I’m guessing you don’t know what -25 degrees is like, or it would make perfect sense. They sell the mix in stores in a “just add booze” style. My grandparents loved the things. I never cared for them, I’m not fond of Eggnog though, I’m more the mulled mead type.

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