208. “He’s starting to look like Markie Post.”

The episode:Eegah,” ep. 506

The riff: Observed by Tom as the movie’s repulsive blonde kid stumbles into view while searching for his girlfriend in the desert, his skin sunburned and slick with sweat.

The explanation: Markie Post was a 1980s TV sexpot, known for her roles on ABC’s “The Fall Guy” and then NBC’s “Night Court.” There’s not a terrible lot else to say about her career or attributes as an actress that doesn’t involve her measurements.

Novelty factor: I don’t believe I’ve ever actually heard the name before. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the below clip, where Post first:

a. Brings an old, leather-bound book of law to the beach to read in a bikini, then

b. Shuts down a yokel gaping at her exposed body, and then

c. Abandons her reading just long enough to be captured and drag aboard a boat by villainous suba divers. Enjoy. You’ll have to follow the link, as this one doesn’t allow embedding for some reason.


She brings a lot of intangibles to the show.

She brings a lot of intangibles to the show.



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