200. “You know, she hurt herself bad when she mixed up her Lady Schick with her Lady Wesson.”

The episode:Agent for H.A.R.M.,” ep. 815

The riff: Observed by Mike as the movie’s really quite attractive lead female rummages around in her drawer while wearing her bathrobe, pulling out a long-barreled pistol.

The explanation: This riff draws on two different women’s lines of products. “Schick” is probably the more recognizable reference as the makers of razors. The “Lady Schick” was a series of safety razors for women; the actual brand name doesn’t seem to exist any more. “Lady Wesson,” on the other hand, is probably a reference to the “Ladysmith” series of lightweight handguns and revolvers made by Smith & Wesson.

Novelty factor: Understood both of the references, although I’ve never fired a gun or used a Schick razor.


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