198. “Isn’t that a sandwich cookie?”

The episode:The Final Sacrifice,” ep. 910

The riff: Asked innocuously by Tom after the movie’s boy hero mumbles the name of the evil cult, “Ziox,” that has been chasing after him.

The explanation: They’re actually referring to the similarly named “Hydrox,” the first chocolate and creme sandwich cookie that came onto the market in 1908. The famous cookie beat Oreos to the market by four years but ultimately got crushed in direct competition between them, often being viewed as a knock-off even though they were there first. Personally, I think the crappy name was to blame. Still, the cookies continued to be produced for almost a century, all the way to 2003 when Kellogg suspended production.

Novelty factor: I knew this one because of a Food Network episode of “Unwrapped” I saw a few weeks ago on cookies. They went through the entire history of Hydrox vs. Oreo. Thanks, Food Network.


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