192. “They live at Marcus Wellby’s house?”

The episode:Zombie Nightmare,” ep. 604

The riff: Asked innocuously by Tom as the movie’s douchebag teen villain runs out the front door of his well-appointed suburban home and jumps into his red sports car.

The explanation: This is a very similar riff to yesterday’s “Room 222” reference, from the same age of TV. “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” was a medical drama airing on ABC from 1969-1976. It starred Robert Young as Marcus Welby, a middle-aged but radical home practitioner who didn’t like to play by the book. It was quite the successful show, becoming the first #1 show on television in ABC’s history for a short time. James Brolin also co-starred on the show as a younger doctor who Welby butted heads with. The opening credits of the program show Welby leaving a very similar-looking house.

Novelty factor: I’m a little bit more surprised that I don’t know this one than “Room 222,” but I still have no clue. I guess “Marcus Welby, M.D.” didn’t stick in popular culture quite so strongly as some other shows of the era.


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