191. “Hey, it’s Bernie from Room 222!”

The episode:Operation Double 007,” ep. 508

The riff: Observed by Crow as the hero (Sean Connery’s secret agent brother) talks to a woman in a ridiculously huge pink afro wig.

The explanation: It’s the hairstyle they’re drawing the reference from, referring to Bernie, a character from the 1969-1974 ABC series “Room 222.” The show was about the workings of an American high school, where the American history course was taught by a black professor played by Lloyd Hanes. Episodes revolved around the student’s lives and touched on race relations and topical subjects. “Bernie” was a fairly minor student in the class who was notable for his gigantic afro of curly white boy hair. He was played by actor David Jolliffe.

Novelty factor: I’ve definitely never heard of this show before, let alone Bernie himself. I always wonder with a riff like this, what made them think of Bernie in particular and not any other person with an afro? Note: In the below clip, Bernie can be briefly seen at 8 seconds in.


2 thoughts on “191. “Hey, it’s Bernie from Room 222!”

  1. I watched it, despite being 9 when it went off the air. Room 222 was the first time I ever saw Mark Hamill, its another show you were aware of if you grew up in the 70’s. A lot of MST3K humor is like that. I still remember the theme song. 🙂 A lot of MST gags play best if you are at least 45-50 sadly. I got to meet Kevin and Bill last weekend, and my first thought was, wow, are we getting old. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/1045186_483377208406381_1578144337_n.jpg

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