189. “Stellaluna!”

The episode:It Lives by Night,” ep. 1010

The riff: Blurted out by Crow during a quick close-up of a screeching bat’s face during the movie’s opening credits. We get plenty more of these shots, as this movie is all about bats and the prospect of men turning into bats.

The explanation:Stellaluna,” as it turns out, is both the title and name of a character in a 1993 children’s book by author Janell Cannon. Stellaluna is a young fruit bat who is separated from her mother as a baby during a sudden and vicious owl attack. The young bat is then raised by a friendly bird alongside a small group of bird brethren. When she becomes old enough, Stellaluna adventures out and finds her mother again, learning various lessons about embracing differences in friendships along the way. It was featured in an episode of the classic PBS show “Reading Rainbow.”

Novelty factor: NO CLUE, YA’LL! I was probably just slightly too old for it at the time, but this book was never prescribed reading for me. Also, which of the writers was making the references to children’s fiction?


2 thoughts on “189. “Stellaluna!”

  1. Excellent find! This is one of those riffs that passes me by all the time and I briefly wonder what it’s about, but then quickly forget that I was wondering.

    I might not always post but I read these every day and love ’em. It helps me better cope with the fact that I can’t watch these as often as I like.

    • Thanks, dude. I figured this one would probably be new to some of the readers. There are a few people who read this blog who seem to know just about everything, especially if they’re old movies or TV series. Children’s books though, that’s probably outside their wheelhouses.

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