187. “The spike goes in my vein, and things aren’t quite the same, Bonanza!”

The episode:I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” ep. 809

The riff: Sung by Mike in a drowsy voice as a troubled teen receives an injection of what we later learn is essentially “werewolf potion.”

The explanation: That teen is played by Michael Landon, who would go on to play Little Joe Cartwright on the long-running TV western “Bonanza.” Here, they are combining the tune of the famous “Bonanza” theme song with lyrics from the Velvet Underground song “Heroin.” That song very similarly goes “When I put a spike into my vein, and I tell ya, things aren’t quite the same.”

Novelty factor: I can’t say I’ve ever listened to much Velvet Underground, so I have to admit I just assumed these were Bonanza lyrics. I was not correct.


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